About Us

We found beauty in the simplest of things... 
Somehow because of that, we've created our own interiors with unique pieces that touched us. very often, friends and family would be inspired by our curated collection at home, so we made the decision to share our belief to "buy what you truly love" with others. In 1999, hot haute hot became a brick and mortar in a small wholesale food neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA called The Strip District. As it has evolved over time, we have found joy in being able to work with our customers and help them find a piece that they will love forever. Whether its choosing a kilim rug that was once sitting in a living room in Turkey, or designing an entire home. Our passion and desire for creative process beautiful consumes us. Our products are thoughtfully handpicked from all over the globe; a mix of vintage, modern, and travel inspired. The showroom changes weekly with great love for detail and artistry - something that all of us can imitate. We have developed a family of loyal customers in our city in the last 20 years, and always have special visitors from out of state that pop in and visit when they are in town. We have heard so much feedback in the last few years, with pleads of starting an online shop. So here we are, in 2019, allowing our haute family shop this little corner shop from home.